Stain and Finish Options

Oil based polyurethane is the most common and traditional option of finishes.  Oil polyurethane gives more depth to the wood and will continue to will amber over time.  

Tung oil finishes can be used inside or outside for decks or patios.  It penetrates into the pores of the wood and build up to a coating that both guards and strengthens the wood.  This finish option does come with an odor, but is a very nice option to restore or re-coat down the road.  

Waterbased finishes stay clear and do not amber over time. They have a low VOC, means less harmful fumes and low odor and they have a faster dry time.

We mostly work with Duraseal stains.  Stain colors can be blended to match existing flooring or furniture or create your own custom stain color.  We would want to come and see your floors to verify species and then would make you a stain sample for your approval.  Click Here For Colors