Wood Floor Refinishing

Bring the Glow Back to Your Wood Floors

There's something special about wood flooring. When the sun shines through your windows, hardwood has a unique glow that can light up your entire home. If your flooring is looking dull, don't stress. Over time, your wood floors will wear down and lose some of their natural glow. Don't settle for dull floors. Don't pay for new hardwood floors, either. Reach out to the experts at Sullivan Wood Floors today. We've helped many homeowners restore their floors to make them shine once again and restore their elegant look.

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Take the stress out of hardwood maintenance

Take the stress out of hardwood maintenance

If you're ready to refinish the wood flooring in your home, make Sullivan Wood Floors your top choice.

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Specialized equipment to sand all types of wood
A variety of stain and finish options

Don't delay your floor refinishing project any longer.  Contact Sullivan Wood Floors today to get started.